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Bartling Lending Partners is willing to go the extra mile, doing work other banks are too busy for. No matter how messy your situation seems, we utilize all of our resources to get you approved for the best rate possible.  We can help save time and money by assisting you in securing financing. As brokers, we significantly save your time and effort as we have connections with a vast network of lenders to find and secure the best loan for you.

Residential Mortgages Powered by American Mortgage Network NMLS #1833427

AmNet is currently licensed in 38 states, and we exercise controlled growth to maintain our quality and performance levels as we grow. We are licensed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with branches and operations centers to support our remote sales teams nationwide. We deliver a wide range of Jumbo, FHA, USDA, and conventional loan products.

American Mortgage Network (AmNet) is the first debt free Mortgage based Equity Stock Ownership of its kind. We have seasoned loan originators who have chosen to work with us as partners rather than continue the path to build a legacy for others. AmNet has successfully helped homeowners purchase and refinance their homes from coast to coast. AmNet embraces the new mortgage environment that supports remote sales teams in the field and offers the best technology to support their performance.

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Sonia Khokhar
Business Development
Speaks Urdu/ Hindi

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Adam Bartling
Loan Broker
Retired Army

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my story 

I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be to get turned down by traditional lenders. After paying a mortgage off in 8 years and paying off a 5 year business loan early, I applied for a new mortgage. Even though I had just paid the bank more money than I was asking to borrow for this new mortgage, they denied me for paying them back early. I was frustrated at the absurdity.

That is why I founded Bartling Lending Partners. I work with people who have had real life challenges and just need that one break to re-establish themselves.  I am willing to put the extra effort into finding my clients a lender that will work with their specific financial situations. It takes time and hard work, but with my network of partners, we have developed the knowledge and resources to help everyday people secure the funds they need.

Adam Bartling


Retired Army

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