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Single Close Construction Loans for:
Conventional, VA, FHA

If you’d like to see whether you qualify for a single close construction loan, connect with us. To get you started, we’ve outlined the steps needed and loan programs available to help you understand the process.

The Financing Process

Get in touch with us to see if we can start the process to finance the construction of your new home.

  1. Choose a builder: Find a reputable builder in your area who meets eligibility requirements for financing, including 3 years minimum experience building residential homes, a minimum of $1 million per year in volume, and that their primary business is building residential homes.

  2. Prepare a contract: We’ll work with you as you prepare a contract with your builder to determine if the home is within your budget and what the cost and timeline will be to build your home and finance it.

  3. Begin the loan process: Once you review and sign the contract, it will be evaluated by our construction underwriting team. Signing the contract and providing needed documentation usually take only a few days.

  4. Underwrite the loan: Our underwriting team will evaluate and potentially approve the loan for the construction process, as well as the permanent portion of the loan in one single step.

  5. Close the loan: With a final review of all the financial information you submitted, including documentation of current income and financial liabilities, you can sign the paperwork to close on your loan and secure financing. 

  6. Begin construction: You’ll begin construction on your new home within 30 days of the closing date. Your construction team will provide you with regular updates on the progress of your home. We’ll manage the construction phase, including ordering draw inspections and any state-required surveys and inspections.

620+ Credit Score

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