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Are you are Residential Mortgage Loan Originator, Financial Advisor, Bank Loan Officer, Commercial Realtor....or just looking to make extra income? 
You would make a Great Referral Partner!
Choose Bartling Lending Partners when your client:
  • Has been turned down by a bank
  • Need quick funding
  • Asset based funding
  • Flexibility
Our Commitment to You.
Your client remains yours for Life!  1 or 1,000 deals we will pay a referral fee for all loans that your referred client does with us.  

How it works:


1. Broker Referral Agreement
The first step is to email us that you want to be a partner and we will send you the broker referral agreement. Referrals are only paid for Non Owner Occupied Homes and all commercial properties.
2. W9 Forms
The W9 form should be filled out next. This document provides your TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) to the company. 
3. ACH and Voided Check
You should also fill out the direct deposit form (ACH). This indicates that you agree to let Bartling Lending Partners to pay you automatically instead of sending a paper check. 
4. Copy of Driver’s License
It’s also important to send a copy of your current and valid driver’s license. You may also use a government-issued ID card. 
5. Send It In
When you have all of the forms filled out send them to
Once you submit all of the documentation, you wait until the company approves it. Then, read through the welcome email and review the loan programs available. You can now send your scenarios to the company and start closing deals.

referral program

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